Join us as we fight for the religious freedoms of all.
On May 4th 2022, the judge found us guilty on all charges. We head back to court on May 25th for sentencing. Continuing to trust God!
In keeping with God’s mandate on us and on our church, we committed to obey Him through these past couple of years, and continue to GATHER AS A CHURCH BODY. We’ve experienced incredible growth and divine favour as we’ve walked in obedience and kept our eyes on Jesus, in spite of government officials threatening and bullying us to close. We’ve been hounded by EPS, AHS and OHS, and just last week had opportunity to testify before a provincial judge in defense of our stand to honour and obey God, even unto death; although more likely, unto large fines. We head back to court this Friday for a final verdict, and could face up to $1.8 million dollars in charges. Thank you for your love and support, both in prayer and in finances. If you include your full name and address, we will be happy to provide a charitable receipt at the end of the year. Any funds received in excess of what’s needed to cover fines will be donated to the Democracy Fund.
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Please mention to them to mark FREEDOM FUND in the memo line.

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