Stories of Hope

We believe hope is an anchor for the soul. May these stories show Jesus as the only hope and be an anchor in times of trial and storms.

My name is Brittany. I’m 25 years old, born and raised in Edmonton. At age 13 i started down the wrong path of rejecting God in every single way imaginable. I started hanging out with not so good friends, smoking cigarettes, drinking and partying. I got into ecstasy at age 14 and went on a downward spiral from there, grade 9 i was in a physically abusive relationship, believed that being abused was okay.. Went through school always getting suspended, which led to me getting expelled in grade 11. I finished grade 12 and once I got into university, I was still drinking every weekend, doing cocaine here and there, and experimenting with a lot of different substances and had a gambling addiction. 


While I was attending King’s University in Edmonton, I met the drug that slowly began to kill me which was an opiate, percocet. I was taking pills every day and made a promise to myself that I would only do them for about a week. It got very bad very fast. I dropped out of school, lost my home, started dating a Muslim crack-dealer, got pregnant, almost converted to being a Muslim, but i decided to leave because he tried to kill me many many times and i ended up getting an abortion which at the time i justified to myself. When I left him, I realized I needed financial help to support my habit and I had no idea how to make money or get a job anymore it just wasn’t in me, I reached out to someone from high school and they said they’d help me, I accepted the offer and left the city to become something that went against all my morals, prostitution. 


While i was a sex worker i was around drugs all the time, was getting physically abused constantly, robbed physically, but also being robed of myself. my addiction went from percocets to using fentanyl – 100 x stronger than heroin. At first i was just swallowing the pills, and the disease of addiction progressed more quickly than I really wanted. I justified my use every single day, and every single day it was surrender to this drug, otherwise the addict that was in me would get very angry and make me go through the worst withdrawals you could imagine, if i didn’t have the drugs at all costs i would be shaking, unable to sleep, twitching legs, panic attacks, suicide attempts, hot and cold sweats, nausea, the list goes on… So every day survival mode was my mind set and to survive was to get the dope in me. Whether it was robbing someone for their car, prostitution, selling drugs, anything at all costs, the getting and using was means to live. I lived to use and used to live.


 I was living in Calgary, still working in the sex industry, and did another thing i said i would never do! I got introduced to needles. This was a whole new level of addiction on its own, and yet i still submitted to it every single day. This was normal life! I picked up more hard drugs along the way, meth, crack and Xanax. I did not know the effect on a person’s body when mixing these drugs and I really didn’t care. I ended up overdosing 27 times (That I can remember), but even after ever time i would “come-to” I would wake up thinking why am I still alive are you kidding me? Why cant i just die! I ended up in and out of prison, months at a time. Would gain some sobriety but there was a lack of truth in me so upon release each time the first thing i turned to was dope. I went to rehab, sought help through various different programs, but as soon as the program would be done i would fall right back and end off worse. Not realizing at the time the only program that works is through JESUS.

 I was laying in bed on April 10 2019 living with a man double my age who was my drug dealer, and i was so incredibly sick and tired of living my life. I was weeping, begging someone to just take my life! This was the point where I knew I needed to give my life to someone who wanted it. I was in severe withdrawal, and when I ended up picking up my next fix, it had no affect on me. I knew something was happening with me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it! I really couldn’t even use my brain at that time to understand anything that was going on. I went to sit in the bathtub and had my last use in a syringe ready to go, and once i had my last hit, nothing. Still sick, still going through withdrawal,  the drugs didn’t work. No effect. I didn’t get it. I got rushed to the emergency room as i couldn’t even walk, i was only 100 pounds and severely malnourished. I had not eaten in approximately 2 weeks, and maybe slept 3 days or so out of those 14 days. I went through a long process at the U of A hospital for 5 days, and everyday i had the support of my family who were by my side everyday, and had prayer warriors visit me as well. Once I got out of the hospital I went to Church in the Vine that evening and a few members of the church prayed with me and I went through a process of deliverance and got rescued from the life i was living instantly became a new person in Christ when i decided to accept him as my savior.. As a result of this spiritual awakening, I was instantly hungry for the word. All through my body was still sick I was able to still attend church and conferences that were happening at The Vine and regained relationships with my family and made real genuine friendships. As i have a growing understanding of who Jesus is, and understand what he did in order to save my life and give me a new life in him, every single day has been a true blessing. I finally have a real job at a car dealership, I get to see my family every day with a sober mind, and I am one of the youth leaders at The Vine, and i get to experience TRUE LOVE from the Father himself. I no longer have any desire to use or drink or smoke a cigarette since i was rescued. I’ve made the decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God as I continue to grow in him and understand who he is and who he created me to be! And everyday asking him to use me for his glory.. My life was a complete mess while I was separated from God. In so many ways, and my own self-will got me in total destruction of myself and the enemy had a firm grip on me, but i know he will never be able to get a hold of my life ever again. Jesus transformed me into a completely new person, the old Brittany is dead and is never being resurrected.  I am forever grateful knowing that each day I never have to surrender to drugs or any addiction ever again! I surrender my life every day to Jesus and trusting in him in every situation in my life knowing that he will never leave me nor forsake me, he rescued me when i was the worst sinner! Even as I go through periods of wilderness and not understanding or knowing what the plan in my life is supposed to be one thing I do know is my calling to serve Christ and to continue to give God’s message of hope. Jesus did this! No one else.


I want to tell you about how much God loves us.

For the past 5 years I have had many problems with every job I have gotten. They all wanted me to not care about my job. They expected me to oversee the safety of their company but at the same time not follow the rules. As a child of God I could not do this. It was not right or moral to not endeavor to do my job to the best of my abilities’.

In the bible it says that he will not forsake nor abandon us and I know this is very true. All of the words he has left us with are true.

There were lessons I had to learn, people I had to meet, work I had to complete. I did not know this but my God did. He knows our past, present and our future. He knew me way before I ever met him and what a glorious thing to think about. Wow. He has and will continue to always be there for us whether we believe it or not. Even when at times we don’t believe in him he continues to work in our lives.

Through all of this I learned that you physically and emotionally have to lay your problems at his feet so he can take over and deal with your life issue(s). I heard once that we have to stop picking our problems back up GODS GOT THIS.

For the past 5 months I have been without a job. At the age of 60 I was of course worried about getting another job in safety because of my age. Where I saw no way, he made a way.

I earnestly prayed every day and trusted in God every day and in return he met every need including, financially and emotionally, he also gave me peace over my lack of employment and in return my faith in God has grown by leaps and bounds.

I had faith in the fact that the lord would provide a new job and I just knew this would happen. I now have a new job in safety but for a much larger corporation than previous and a lot more respect because of my experience.

The Lord not only brings us through it but he makes our cups overflow abundantly.

God is Great and I will sing his praises all the days of my life.

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