Women in the Vine

General Information
Ministry: Women in the Vine
Leader: Francesca Clarke
Times: 6-weekly intervals

Contact: women@churchinthevine.com

Overview: Victorious lives grow out of strong relationships. Together we are transformed to take our worlds for Jesus! When we know how to apply God’s word in our lives, we will become leading ladies for the Lord in both our homes and communities by possessing both a warrior’s spirit and a mother’s heart. Through love and encourage and support of each other, we will rise in strength and courage to overcome life’s most difficult storms.

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind!” Romans 12:2
When we grasp the immensity of God’s love we will be an extension of it to others and focus less on ourselves. It is only when we realize who we are in Christ that we will be the light of Christ in the world. By taking the worry out of tomorrow we will be all that we can be today to impact all we come in contact with.
We gather every six weeks and you are invited! Watch for our next event and become part of our inspired and empowered community of women.


Prayer Requests

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Sunday Service Hours

Regular Sunday Services

  • 10:00am
  • 6:00pm

Be sure to stay connected to our awesome Speakers’ Series.


12345 149 Street,
Edmonton, AB

(780) 475-9673