Youth in the Vine

General Information
Ministry: Youth in the Vine
Leaders: Fred & Melinda Moscicki
Age Group: Junior High t0 18 years


Youth in the Vine – a ministry that takes you seriously in the funnest possible way.  Here you will discover  a common sense of belonging and purpose.  Through a variety of events encompassing fun, teaching, discussion and prayer, you will have opportunity to  connect with peers, building strong and lasting friendships.

Together lets discover your strengths and gifts. We will become a force for good, reaching out to others to turn the hearts of today’s generation to God, one person at a time. Holy Spirit is here and now, let’s encounter the true and living God creator of all things…Wow..Truth Rocks!!  We are committed to teaching Godly, bible-based values, striving to build confidence within you to help you realize your full potential.

Hey by the way…Youth in the Vine is a safe place… a place to build on both your successes and failures, yes I said failures. God is with you, even in those times… Isn’t that cool! Yes it’s true, you will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone and to expand into God’s full purpose for your life. How can that be a bad thing?

You CAN do all things through HIM that strengthens YOU. Our goal is to build a team that, through the power of God and  the risen Savior, knows no limits to what can be accomplished with  just a little faith and a lot of heart.

We hope that you can join us as we take  our Faith to the next level. See ya there!!

Love in Christ
Fred and Melinda Moscicki

Our Youth Mission

We believe God has called us, in partnership with parents, to:

  • INVEST in the next generation of young people in significant ways…AND HAVE FUN WHILE WE DO IT!!
  • INSTRUCT them in the core doctrines and disciplines of the Christian faith along with principles for living healthy, wise and productive lives…AND HAVE FUN WHILE WE DO IT!!
  • INSPIRE them by our example and challenge them to take faith-filled risks…AND HAVE FUN WHILE WE DO IT!!
  • IGNITE them with a passion for Jesus Christ, a love for the lost, a commitment to the local church, and finally, to launch them into the world prepared for life, for relationships, for service, and for leadership…AND HAVE FUN WHILE WE DO IT!!
Our Youth Vision

Our vision is for every one of our youth to be:

  • POSITIVE, knowing that God loves them and that He has a good plan and purpose for their lives
  • PERSUADED, knowing that God’s way really is the best way
  • PASSIONATE for Jesus Christ, His church, for the lost and needy.
  • PREPARED for life, for relationships, for service, and for leadership.
Prayer Requests

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Sunday Service Hours

 Regular Sunday Services

  • 10:00am
  • 6:00pm

Be sure to stay connected to our awesome Speakers’ Series.


12345 149 Street,
Edmonton, AB

(780) 475-9673